Hailstone helps developers spend less time fixing security flaws and more time writing new code. We are a new application security solution that prevents frustrating interruptions from out-of-band security tests that disrupt backlogs and releases. Hailstone's mission is to make teams more productive so they can confidently ship secure code, faster.

Development managers push their teams to embrace DevOps as a means of accelerating business innovation, but existing security tools have failed to keep up.

Traditional security tools are slow, run outside the CI/CD pipeline, and produce a mountain of flaws. This forces developers to fix security bugs at the expense of building new features. Development managers lose control of their schedule and jeopardize speed-to-market.

Hailstone solves this problem by making security testing an invisible part of the CI/CD pipeline. Developers get accurate, reproducible, and relevant security bugs at the same time functional tests are run -- so no additional time is added to the pipeline.

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